The Plan

When beginning to plan break it down. Here I hope to give some guidance to help you when planning your day. This page is to help with the lay out of your venue and to add fun details. Start at the beginning.


Picking the perfect spot can be as important as finding the perfect dress. The Walla Walla Valley has some amazing choices. If a back yard wedding wont work. Here are some of my favorites: Creekstone Gardens, Winn Farm, Waterbrook Winery, Marcus Whitman Hotel. Gesa Power House


When you enter your venue what does it look like? Do you want a sign? Does it need a freestanding easel? Will you have a special drink? or water. What is important for your guests to see when they arrive.


Having a place for your guest to sign can be as special as you want and a great way to know who came to share your special day with you. It can be with photos having a polaroid and a book to place the pictures in, or a picture to sign. Make it personal and something you can look back on and smile that you are so loved.


The gift and card table. Where is that located? Most of the time its placed as your guests enter. It can be incorporated with a guestbook. Will you have photos of you and your honey. Maybe past family wedding photos. Will you need a special table with fun linens or a family heirloom table or vase with flowers. Have someone you trust to take responsibility to remove the gifts and cards after all guests have arrived and place them in a safe place for you to enjoy later.


This can be as elaborate or simple as you want. When looking at your space and how many it will accomadate. Will you need something to create an isle. Maybe tall candlesticks or shepherds hooks. Maybe just petals down the middle. Anything goes. What will the front of your isle look like. The place where you will stand and take your vows? An arch? Gates? Old doors? Nothing at all? Will it need a fabric drape, flowers? A table to light a candle or pour sand? Will the officiant need anything? What about chairs? Or maybe benches. How many will you need. Check out John loves June for great selection or Sandy U Rent.


This can be as simple or over the top as you like. Linens? You can rent them or buy them. Check rental availability in your area. Check out Table linen factory outlet online. Great prices good quality. Order ahead to make sure size and color are what you are expecting. 2 great table rentals: Walla Walla Big Big Table Co. and John loves June. Check out their websites. What will be your centerpiece?Does the venue allow open flame. Will you want a sweetheart table? Will you want a table reserved for family and attendants? Will they need reserve signs?


Where will you cut the cake. What will it sit on. A fun table? Wine barrel?


Where will dessert for your guests be placed. Will you need a long table? Maybe wine barrels with a long top. Linens? A sign? Will you incorporate pictures or flowers? What will your guests be indulging in? Cupcakes, mini pie, mini desserts? What will they be served on? Will you want different heights? Will you need plates, napkins, utensils?


What beverages will you be serving? Where will you put the beverages? Will you need a bar? Galvanized tubs? Dispensers? Will you want a sign? Will you have special glasses to serve in? Sandy U-Rent in Walla Walla has glasses if you want a more formal look.


Adding games can be a fun and whimsical addition to your day. Either for rehearsal or the day of. These can be fun to add close to a photo area and great if you have kids attending. Having a table with activities for kids is a bonus. If having a evening wedding glow sticks are always a hit. Check out the game selection.


What will be served? Will it be a sit down formal dinner? Buffet? Food truck? Walla Walla has some great food truck options. Where will you set up? Will you want linens? Signs? What will your guests use to eat on? Sandys U Rent has glass dishes for a more formal look.


Something to check when looking for a venue. Is there bathrooms? Will you need to rent portable bathrooms. Regal Mobile Restrooms have nice pretty ones!


Always fun to have a space for guests to get silly. Think of adding a photo area either just a back drop for selfies or polaroid shots or maybe something over the top like a vintage trailer. “Coming Soon” to my collection! Think props as well…


All good things must come to an end. How will you leave? Check with your venue as to what is allowed. Sparklers and glow sticks are fun when dark. Ribbon wands are a great idea for day time. All ideas make great additions for your photographer to get great shots. What will you roll away in? A fun car or maybe a carriage ride? AJ Carriages of Walla Walla is an excellent choice.

I hope you find this page helpful when getting started. Something Borrowed has everything you need to stage a beautiful day with the right d├ęcor. Happy Planning!